Titles and Annotations of Documents by Dr. James Bell from Howard Community College

(Updated January 1998)

I like doing workshops for college faculty. I use active learning when possible and provide all participants with a comprehensive handout so that note taking is not necessary and there is more time for thinking. The workshop handouts are revisions of materials I have used at workshops I give on teaching and on critical thinking.

Three of the handouts are ones I developed to use with students.

Jim Bell e-mail: jbell@howardcc.edu


Thinking Skills and Dispositions With a Focus On Critical Thinking

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This handout quotes from a variety of sources dealing with thinking skills and dispositions so that the reader can discover what different sources list as thinking skills.

Teaching Students To Think Critically By Using Active Learning and Cooperative Learning

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This handout focuses on synthesizing what psychologists think about critical thinking. Sources and ideas on active learning and cooperative learning are also included.

Outcomes Assessment With A Focus on Critical Thinking in Psychology: Sources And Ideas

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This handout provides an annotated list of sources on outcomes assessment relevant to psychology and critical thinking.

A Guide to Teaching Psychology

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This is a bibliography of sources which might be useful to teachers in general and specifically to psychology teachers.

Critical Thinking as Described by Psychologists

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This is a working handout for psychology faculty to become aware of what various psychology textbook authors present on critical thinking.

Integrating Critical Evaluation into General Psychology

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This handout describes how I integrate critical evaluation skills (critical thinking) into General Psychology.


Improving Your Performance On Tests

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This handout is written for students and provides ideas to help them improve their test taking skills.

Self-Control (Self-Modification, Self-Regulation)

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This handout was written to provide students with a plan and ideas for changing their own behaviors.

Helping Students To Self-Assess Their Written Assignments

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This handout was written for students to help them understand how to better self assess their writing.

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