OL Course Evaluation Exercise
A. Habermacher
for FOTTC Group #5.

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A. Select a course to examine from one of the following online course collections.

  1. http://lecturesonline.org

  2. http://www.utexas.edu/world/lecture

B. Give information about the course you selected.
  1. Course Discipline & Title:_______________________________

  2. URL___________________________________________________

  3. Course Level or audience: 

    a. freshman/sophomore
    b. junior/senior
    c. graduate course
    d. noncredit continuing education
    e. vocational, trades, skills education
    f. other_____________________________

C. Which components are present (that you can see)?

  1. OL Syllabus:  yes  no

  2. Announcements:  
    a. voice mail
    b. online (e.g., email, BBSs, course delivery platforms)
    c. face-to-face

  3. Submission of Assignments:
    a. snail mail 
    b. online (e.g., eMail, BBS, online "drop-box")
    c. face-to-face 

  4. OL Personal Home Pages   yes  no

  5. Quizzes/Exams:  Online  OnCampus  TakeHomes

  6. OL Course Management Used:  yes  no
    Which one (WebCt, Blackboard, etc.)?____________

  7. Course Content Delivery Form(s):

    a. Face to Face Lecture 
    b. CD-ROM 
    c. AudioTape 
    d. videotape 
    e. Interactive TV
    f. OLText 
    g. WWWSites 
    h. Print-- textbooks &/or "regular old" libraries
    j. Other_________________________

  8. Interactivity & communication modalities

    a. asynchonic communication
         i. voicemail
        ii. email
       iii. threaded discussions & BBSs
       iv. online calendar

    b. synchronic (real time) communication
         i. telephone
        ii. chat
       iii. interactive tv
       iv. face to face

  9. Types of Assignments:

    a. self-directed learning assignments
    b. structured course modules
    c. projects
    d. case studies
    e. panels
    f. symposia
    g. small group work
    h. other_______________________________

D. To which model is it most similar?
  1. Content + Support Model

  2. Wrap Around Model

  3. Integrated Model

E. What pedagogical approach seems to underpin the course?
  1. Predominantly Objectivist Approach

  2. Predominantly Constructivist Approach

  3. 50/50 Mix of Both Approaches.

  4. Other?________________________________

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Created 5 June 2000
by A.Habermacher